The Art of Gifting

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The Art of Gifting

The act of gifting is be it for personal or business occasions, is an art. An art that puts a smile on those who receive them. Isn’t that the very purpose of gifting? Of fostering goodwill?

Since i come from the business gifting industry, i will talk of choosing the right way to gift in the corporate parlance.

There are four key parameters that you should clearly brief to your vendor before you solicit options from his / her company:

1. Budget: Very often in my career, i have had clients being very vague about how much they would want to spend to on gifting their stakeholders. Always define a price range to your vendor to help him come up with a suitable list for your requirement.

2. Target: Always let your vendor know who you would be gifting to and on what occasion. Trust him to suggest the appropriate product for the event and the target audience. Good gifting companies just don’t sell, they act as consultants to help you make the right choice.

3. Timelines: Plan your gifting activity well in advance and allow the vendor sufficient time to deliver a satisfactory product. Set realistic deadlines. Sometimes letting the vendor know well in advance may help you with more in choice. Short deadlines may leave you with little options to choose from.

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