Information Security Policy


Spentacorp operates an Information Security Management System that ensures

  • Confidentiality, Integrity, Availability of the data / information in any form
  • Process aligned to international best practices and
  • Mandates of all applicable statutory and regulatory requirements
  • Managing the secured business practices across the stakeholders and suppliers
  • Ensuring a safe work environment for the employees and stakeholders of business.
  • Security of information in Human Resource Management through awareness and competencies on infosec policy adherence
  • Effective Risk Management & Effective Business Continuity Management
  • Handling security in client requirements
  • Handling security in Supplier Management
  • Secured Asset Management and Asset Disposal
  • An effective Incident Management System

We achieve this by establishing and continually improving an Information Security Management System which is based on Risk based thinking and Business Continuity Strategies that completely and consistently helps to meet the client requirements through deployment of secured processes, people and technologies while conducting the business processes.’


  • Ensure Confidentiality
  • Ensure Integrity
  • Ensure Availability
  • Process Adherence
  • Compliance to Statutory and Regulatory Requirements
  • Continual Improvement
  • Effective Risk Management
  • A secured physical environment
  • Security in supplier management
  • Meeting Client Security Requirements through secured development
  • Security in Human resource management thru Awareness and Competence
  • An effective Asset management
  • Controlled and restricted Access management
  • An effective Incident Response system
  • An Effective BCM