Why set meal menus work?

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Why set meal menus work?

Often restaurants offer attractive prices on set meal menus. This arrangement augurs well for both the owner and the customer. For the customer, it works at two levels. One, he gets the set meal delivered to his table faster because most of the items on the menu are ready to serve. Two, he gets a better deal than when he is ordering from the menu. For the restaurant owner, he is able to manage his inventory better, maintain consistency in quality, allows him to bargain better with his vendors, reduce turn around time from order to delivery and an  impetus to offer attractive prices to his customers.

In my years of experience in the promotional products and corporate gifting business, I have come across numerous clients who always tend to ask something out of the menu, in our business parlance –  a catalogue. The analogy that I wish to draw here is one that I mentioned above of the set meal menu in a restaurant. It always pays to choose and order something from within the catalogue than asking for something “different” from out of it. This results in endless presentation of options, quotes, negotiations, longer turn around times and could result in costs higher than when ordered from within the catalogue.

An ideal way to get the best of both worlds is to develop a custom catalogue specific to your company. The catalogue could comprise of those products that are relevant to your business and popular among your user groups. This will help your user groups choose and order from a set menu. The range could be drawn from various price points and across various categories like promotional apparel, leather, desk accessories and so on. This will also help you regulate multiple vendor interactions, share catalogues among various user groups across multiple locations, standardise your corporate merchandise, negotiate on contract pricing so you stay insulated on price hikes, maintain consistency of your brand identity and above all cut down significant time required from order to delivery. It will also help you manage your inventories for frequently used products like promotional t-shirts, customise the way your merchandise is packed and logistics.

So the next time you have a requirement for promotional products or corporate gifts, think about it.

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