Rohini R

Rohini R

Advisor on Board

Rohini R, FCA, is a distinguished practicing chartered accountant based in Bangalore, with a stellar reputation in the field. With her extensive expertise and knowledge, Rohini plays a vital role as Spentacorp’s Virtual CFO and Financial Advisor.

Drawing from her wealth of experience, Rohini ensures Spentacorp’s financial health remains robust and sustainable. She provides invaluable guidance on crucial aspects such as cost control, data analysis, pricing strategies, budgeting, and roadmap development. Her strategic insights and meticulous planning help set clear milestones to achieve Spentacorp’s growth objectives.

At Spentacorp, Rohini’s expertise serves as a cornerstone for sound financial management and strategic decision-making. By leveraging her insights, Spentacorp is equipped to navigate challenges effectively and capitalize on opportunities for sustainable growth.

When not working, Rohini loves travelling to long beaches.